A Treasure of Pleasure

Those deep brown eyes gaze fervently at me
They hypnotize me, make me surrender
Deep into my soul, the veiled they can see
Leaving my senses in state of wonder
You hold me in your arms and I just melt
A little girl lost in her wonderland
I drown with emotions so warmly felt
Savoring the mild touch of your hand
Our souls join as we passionately kiss
As true lovers, together we ascend
Our love is a heavenly gift, a bliss
A language only we can comprehend
Finding you, I found my hidden treasure
I dream of the day we meet forever



I stand mesmerized next to that stone – the cause of my pain
Alone under the pouring rain

I thought I have finally healed
But my wounds again bleed

On this stone we have carved our initials
Announcing our love is official

Here we held hands; here we had our first kiss
Your lips I reminisce and badly miss

That bittersweet taste
On my lips I still feel its trace

I hoped this would last forever
It ended too soon however



Greetings to the Old Man

As I walk down the street

The same old man I daily meet

Morning greetings we always share

To which he adds a prayer showing that he cares

This was a daily ritual

To which the neighborhood became habitual

For months now the old man is not seen roaming the square

For months now only emptiness fills up the air

Many people knew the old man

None however asks where he is gone

Even though his absence we ignore

Deep down we know the neighborhood is not the same anymore

Ode to My Home

Home, oh home,

You are as precious to me as a pearl, and more

Oh land of the cedars,

For the fresh smell of your soil

For the distinctive taste of your “tabbouleh”

For the beautiful spirit of your people,

My heart aches, and more, I am afraid it breaks.

Home, oh home,

No place compares to you, no place at all

A crossroad for many civilizations you have been

A land that has no twin

You are an icon of the East

And, more, you are my home, oh home!