The Haunt III


I feel like running

Afraid storm is coming that

Haunt me from my past


A haiku found poetry from Sam Smith’s “Writing’s On The Wall”


The Haunt II

3254598059_2415422cbfMove on…
A disturbing shout wakes me up.
“Move on. You’re blocking the way,” the driver of a large van behind me nervously shouts.
Down the road I drive aimlessly.
The words of the van driver still in my head, I wonder, how long will it take me to get back on track?  
Will I ever move on  the road of life….

The Haunt

The storm gets harsher blurring my vision. I turn off the engine and close my eyes, when a sudden quiver runs all through me. I continue to shake until I’m drained out of energy…I surrender.

To the sound of deafening screams,
To the smell of fear mixed with blood,
To the past that keeps haunting me, I surrender.

Many years have passed, still not as many enough to heal…