A Dog Named Bob

One upon a time, there lived a dog named Bob. Every day, Bob woke up at sunrise, had his full of tasty bones, barked, chased cats, played until dark and slept. Bob was unhappy. He was feeling bored and down from his routine living. So Bob thought that he desperately needed a vacation and decided to go on a small trip and discover a new land. Excitedly, Bob googled for some good places to visit. He was searching for a new, unconditional, memorable place. The search retrieved many results, but one has captured Bob’s attention with its distinctive description which read: “You have been chosen by fate. Join us at BlueJay Land for a life changing experience. We promise you a memorable vacation. This is your call to make a difference. Do not miss your chance. Call now to arrange your trip.” Bob hurriedly reached out for his iPhone muttering, BlueJay Land here I come…

Blue welcomed Bob to the land. Blue was a fine looking bluejay, in his mid-thirties, Bob guessed, and who had a warm smile that did not part his face. “Welcome to BlueJay Land. I will be your trip adviser throughout your stay here, and we shall begin with a small land tour,” Blue explained. “I am sure you will be having lots of inquiries. Feel free to interrupt and share your thoughts any time,” he added.

BlueJay was a small land that you could tour twice in an hour! Bob was starting to have second thoughts of whether he decided right by coming here for a 3 day vacation. Nevertheless, Bob was surprised to find that the land was over crowded with tourists of all kinds; he could spot fellow dogs, birds, frogs, deer, tigers, lions, turtles, and even cats! They all seemed busy working! What is this?! Bob was confused. He turned to Blue and said apologetically:

“Sorry dude, but I think I have picked the wrong destination for vacation. I think I will turn back home now.”

“Why are you here Bob? What is it that you’re looking for?” inquired Blue.

“Looking for an escape from my daily routine,” replied Bob.

“Then you have chosen right,” assured Blue. “All you need is a plate, chocolate syrup, and blue ink, and you may then get started working like the rest of us here,” he added.

Bob looked puzzled. He had no clue what that crazy bluejay meant. Nonetheless, before he could utter another word, Blue started explaining: “Here, at BlueJay Land we aim to draw a smile on little sad faces. Are you aware of the number of homeless children around the world? Can you guess the number of children out there who were suddenly forced to leave their homes and toys behind and found themselves running away from a brutal war of which they are innocent and clueless.”

“And we are gonna fix all that with a plate, chocolate syrup, and blue ink?” Bob asked ironically.

“We might not be able to make things perfectly right again. However, with a small gesture, we may be able to draw a smile back on their faces and help them forget their tragic experience for some time.” Blue replied. “All these visitors you see are contributors to our project. They use the syrup to bake a delicious chocolate cake, place it on a decorated colorful plate, and send it out to a child’s mailbox address which they randomly choose, along with a letter of sweet words, if you are still wondering what the ink is for, aiming to lighten up a child’s day….”

On the other side of the globe, Farah received a delicious chocolate cake with the following note: “Someone out there has thought of you and would like to draw a smile on your pretty face with this little gesture. Love, Bob.”

Farah smiled, and so did Bob. Relaxing in his red dog house, Bob knew that his life was positively transformed now that he has experienced the joy of giving.

In response to the Daily Prompt: A Dog Named Bob


Welcome to L’s Thoughts

So it happens that I have joined the Blogging 101 course. Even though I’m not a new blogger, I am excited to experience how my blog, and myself, will advance throughout this course.

Day one assignment is: Introduce Yourself to the World. Write and publish a “who I am and why I’m here” post on your blog. This made me revisit my first post, “Welcome”, which I published on September 27th, 2012. My post back then read: “Welcome to my blog. This blog is my means to translate my thoughts into words, for thoughts expressed are meant to live and travel far…” Now and after around three years of blogging, I wonder whether that introduction was accurate. I believe the above few sentences do in fact summarize why I’m here; I’m here to translate my thoughts, but I’m not very sure of the “into words” part. Nonetheless, blogging throughout the years has helped me discover who I am. I discovered that I am more of a visual person and that I have voiced my thoughts often using photos rather than words. I have many times run out of words but found the perfect photo that helped make my statement. Moreover, I have come to believe that many times a picture may speak louder than words to the extent that I have created a category with this title. Bottom line, updating my previous “Welcome” post I’d say: I am here for this blog is my means to bring the many random thoughts in my head to life, sometimes through words, other times through photography, for I believed and still do that thoughts expressed are meant to live and travel far…
If you’re reading this post, then I know for sure that my thoughts have traveled far enough to reach you. Welcome to L’s thoughts 😀