About L & Her Thoughts

Simple yet sophisticated; strong yet soft; calm yet crazy… thus going with the flow. Life lover….feeling it to the max and “marking the Moments”….

To mark the moments; that’s why I’m here. L’s Thoughts is my medium of expression and interaction. See I’ve got a lot going on my mind from random thoughts to more complex causes which I might dwell on for days. Sometimes, however, I happen to run out of words, and here’s when my photos come in play. I’d like to express and share these thoughts with you, and they will be the footprints I leave behind to mark my moments… and of course I am also here for all the fun of blogging 😀



11 thoughts on “About L & Her Thoughts

  1. Many times when I click the “about” button I hope to see more info about the blog writer.. Hihihi… Especially where they from.. It’s nice to bridge the distances with blogs don’t you think?

    Never mind though… Nice to visit your blog 🙂
    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hey Liliana, About L is all about me…briefly and to the point 🙂
      Anyways I’m from Lebanon and nice interacting with you 🙂

  2. Checked your blog for almost half an hour. it’s worth coming in here, may be in sleepless nights. it kinda soothes your nerve, a few posts had that aura in itself.

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