Moving Anticlockwise.. Retrieving the Seconds

The room is full yet I feel your grand presence
You knew how to stand out, that was your talent
Being with you felt like stepping in heavens
The angels today promise to keep silent
This is how they mourn your unforeseen absence
Eyes closed we dance, joy dominates the planet
I open my eyes and you are again gone
I give both my eyes to see you again son


15 thoughts on “Moving Anticlockwise.. Retrieving the Seconds

    1. Thank you. Glad it reached you. Nonetheless, it does not express about a personal loss. In fact the word “son” at the end came up unexpectedly. That is what I like in writing in general and writing poems specifically; I don’t plan where it’s going, I just let the words to naturally lead me 🙂

    1. sorry it took a so sad direction, but then again life has its ups and downs and I believe writing and poetry should be able to reflect both as expressively 🙂

  1. Beautiful and so touching. The last line made me catch my breath. My son is joining the military and although I have over a year left until he leaves, his career decision has been weighing on my heart. So proud, very scared.

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