I write, therefore I am

pen-idea-bulb-paper-largeI write because I am alive; or is it that I am alive because I write?  I wonder..
I can’t really find a particular reason for why I started writing. There is no specific day, time or situation, in fact, whereby I am triggered to write. It is just that every once in a while I feel my head overloaded with thoughts that remain vague until I hold a paper and pen and start to write. I would write down any word or phrase that comes to mind, and then I would shuffle/combine the different words/phrases together, similar to assembling puzzle pieces, to  come up at the end with a neat piece of writing..which would reflect my thought.
I write because I relax. Writing may have become my way of meditation to which I resort every now and then.
Last but not least, I write because this makes me happy.



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