Welcome to L’s Thoughts

So it happens that I have joined the Blogging 101 course. Even though I’m not a new blogger, I am excited to experience how my blog, and myself, will advance throughout this course.

Day one assignment is: Introduce Yourself to the World. Write and publish a “who I am and why I’m here” post on your blog. This made me revisit my first post, “Welcome”, which I published on September 27th, 2012. My post back then read: “Welcome to my blog. This blog is my means to translate my thoughts into words, for thoughts expressed are meant to live and travel far…” Now and after around three years of blogging, I wonder whether that introduction was accurate. I believe the above few sentences do in fact summarize why I’m here; I’m here to translate my thoughts, but I’m not very sure of the “into words” part. Nonetheless, blogging throughout the years has helped me discover who I am. I discovered that I am more of a visual person and that I have voiced my thoughts often using photos rather than words. I have many times run out of words but found the perfect photo that helped make my statement. Moreover, I have come to believe that many times a picture may speak louder than words to the extent that I have created a category with this title. Bottom line, updating my previous “Welcome” post I’d say: I am here for this blog is my means to bring the many random thoughts in my head to life, sometimes through words, other times through photography, for I believed and still do that thoughts expressed are meant to live and travel far…
If you’re reading this post, then I know for sure that my thoughts have traveled far enough to reach you. Welcome to L’s thoughts 😀


6 thoughts on “Welcome to L’s Thoughts

  1. Welcome to Blogging 101! I like to use photos in my posts too. Ok, well “photos” is a bit grandiose for what they are. I use a lot of memes and gif in my nonfiction posts, but we’ll call them photos because that sounds more artistic. 😉

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