Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

The sun sinks in flames of gold and red;
A new moon shyly rises;
And we sail…And we sail

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To Love Or Not To Love?

“They become a passing memory, after they were life!” – Mahmoud Darwish (translated from original Arabic text)
Could love be a big fat lie?
If love was real, then how come our beloved ones may become a passing memory, after they were life?
And if love is a big fat lie, then how come we feel strong pain and heartache at breakups?
How come? And what if?…Countless questions cross my head. But the biggest question of them all : “To love or not to love?”, I guess I will always wonder….

In honor of the great Mahmoud Darwish and because I love his writing style, here is the above mentioned original Arabic text:

يُصبحون ذكرى عابرةً ، بعدما كانوا الحياةْ !
محمود درويش