My Nose Says…

Today I decided to approach my world differently. Thus, I decided to see my world with fresh eyes.. or perhaps, nose?!
Yep..I decided to listen to my nose and describe my day using the different scents I encountered.
I started my day energetically, waking up to the fresh smell of rain.
My day continued as good with my rich daily Nescafe mug, the delicious smell (and taste 😉 ) of my chicken with cashew nuts and steamed rice Chinese lunch, and the sweet, rich, strong, delicious heavenly smell of chocolate for snack.
And what’s better than ending the day with a  fragrant nectarine and ginger scent of shower gel and aromatic gardenia body lotion (nice mix 😉 ).
Overall, my nose says I had a really good day..What about you? 😀


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