Life Is Beautiful

Part of my daily routine involves checking my social media accounts first thing in the morning (literally as I open my eyes 🙂 ). Checking my Facebook this morning, I came across a post on Paulo Coelho’s page which inspired me to create this new category “Life Is Beautiful”. Following is my post of inspiration:

Norma and the Good Things

May 27, 2013 by

In Madrid lives Norma, a very special Brazilian lady. The Spanish call her ‘the rocking grandma’. She is over sixty and works in various places, organizing promotions, parties and concerts.

Once at about four in the morning, when I was so tired I could barely stand, I asked Norma where she got all her energy from.

‘I have a magic calendar. if you like, I can show it to you.’

The following day, I went to her house. She picked up an old, much scribbled-upon calendar.

‘Right, today is the day they discovered a vaccine against polio,’ she said.’ We must celebrate that, because life is beautiful.’

On each day of the year, Norma had written down something good that had happened on that date.

For her, life was always a reason to be happy.

In “Like a flowing river”

Thus, by the end of each day, starting today, I’m going to post in this category about something good that happened to me or to the world in general on that day, expressed in words, pictures, quotes, etc. My posts will be my daily reminders that life is beautiful and is worth living it happily.

Life is beautiful. Be happy 😀


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