Daily Prompt: Success

The daily prompt for today is about success. It asks us to tell about a time where everything we’d hoped would happen actually did.

magic wand

Success… the “feel-good” pill. Just saying the word out loud draws a smile on my face.
What is this magic pill? What does it take to be successful?
Since I was young, I heard people labelling me as successful. She is smart ; she’s an honors list student…they even predicted a successful future for me; and here they come today to confirm their predictions for me with all their “didn’t we tell you?” phrases.
Despite all, I always wondered..Is that all? Is holding a degree and attaining a good career what makes one successful? Honestly, I’ve always believed that magic is much bigger than that. Lucky me, one day has come where I was able to experience success, and yes.. it was magical indeed.

My job is mostly administrative and operational. Thankfully, I have a good job and I like it; yet I never felt that passionate about it. I attained my Master’s degree while I was working. Throughout my Master’s years and all the research papers that it entailed, I discovered that I was actually inclined to research and the academic field. Unfortunately, I was at a stage where shifting my career was not possible. Days passed, I finished my degree, continued with my current career and my involvement in the academic track remained a hope in my deep subconscious. I stood all surprised when my boss approached me last year and asked for my contribution to an academic paper on a training project that I was heavily involved in. Better yet, I was assigned as the paper’s  first author. I saw the sparkles coming out from the wizard’s magic wand (And can you guess who’s the wizard in my story? True.. my boss 🙂 ). This was my opportunity to step into the academic field.

Now that I’ve lived it, I can surely define success to you. Passion is the keyword. Success is achieving in something you are passionate about. Hope everyone gets the opportunity to attain success and feel its magic 🙂


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