Shining with the Stars

Daily Prompt: Your Time to Shine

IMG_0980Night is my time to shine. I consider day-time as everyone’s-time. Mornings for me are rush time. People wake up and rush to work, school, and completing unfinished tasks. As the day announces its end, however, the pace of things starts to decrease. After all the day’s rush, I like to listen to the “No Sound” of the night…CALMNESS.

Personally, I return from work, have a quick dinner, shower and prepare for the  next day, after which I feel exhausted and therefore go to sleep, or more precisely as my Mom says, drop dead  for a couple of hours. Then late at night, when all are enjoying deep sleep and dreaming, I wake up to the light of the stars calling me to join in. This would be MY time…FULLY. I wake up feeling energetic and spend a couple of hours blogging or reading a book.  Then, I would sleep again for around 2 to 3 more  hours before waking up to work. 

“What were you doing awake at 3 A.M. yesterday?” is a question I receive often from friends who have seen a post for me on twitter or facebook at that time.  People wonder how I can function during the day when, according to them, I don’t sleep quite enough at night. But is there a specific standard for enough, I wonder. For me, these couple of nightly hours that I dedicate fully for me “to shine”, and the glow that they leave on my face the next morning are beyond enough. And to all my friends, now you know the secret to my natural glow 🙂


2 thoughts on “Shining with the Stars

  1. Good for you that you could go back to sleep. No wonder your friends think you don’t get enough sleep because most of us cannot wake up at those hours and go back to bed.

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