Weekly Writing Challenge: Person, Place, Thing

Lovers, Bench and Memories

loversHe smiles as she approaches him, adrenalin rushing all over his body. He tries to hide it but his eyes fail him, exposing the heart’s bottomless secrets. Now she stands facing him. They exchange a long look that’s worth a thousand words before they decide to sit and watch the sunset. Emotions escalate as the sun drops slowly behind the sea. He caresses the brown lock falling on her forehead. He then puts his arms all around her in a non-ending hug. Love is in the air.

On this bench they sit for hours. An old green bench it is that has witnessed the love stories of countless couples along different generations. It is of no coincidence that it has been given the name: Lovers’ Bench. On this bench, surrounded by trees and facing the sea, love has marked its different stories in history. On this bench some couples exchanged tender looks, words of love and kisses while others exhanged tears of breakup.

Just as a man’s experience over the years is marked by the wrinkles on his face, this bench’s history is marked by the memories engraved in its wood. Letters and symbols of love decorate the bench as an expression of deep feelings of lovers, some of whom might have taken a different course in life; yet this bench survives to tell their stories and the stories of future generations to come.


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