In Name of My Hardship Beg Not…

In an attempt to minimize an afternoon working day’s stress, my friend and I decided to pause work and go grab a hot drink and a treat. Heading back to the office, we were approached by one of the beggars roaming Bliss street. Reiterating the usual “begging phrases”, our attention was suddenly captured by a “novel”  phrase: “I beg for your money, for I come from Syria and can’t even afford a sponge mattress to sleep on.” Conflicting thoughts crossed my mind. Does this young man depict one sample of the hardship that the Syrian people are currently living, or is this a new line adopted by beggars nowadays, taking advantage of the current situation to gain people’s sympathy and eventually their money? I can’t really figure out which of the two cases is more unfortunate, but with all my heart I pray, God forbid the second case be true, for the daily distress and the lives sacrificed by our fellow people are way more noble than to be abused. May God grant our people with patience and strength to overbear their suffering; may He bless them and award them peace.


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