Memoir of a Woman of Tribe

Darkness engulfs the place, and my heart pounds loudly in excitement. I quickly grab the books from my secret hiding place. No time to waste. I read non-stopping, exploiting the few remaining hours I’ve got before the sun rises; before I’m again entrapped within the saturated bubble of taboos that have been dictating my life since birth. Yet, I believe I am different, for I am a woman who does not acquiesce to the inevitable. For I am a woman who believes that through knowledge she shall become the powerful woman she has always aspired to be. For I am a woman who trusts that one day she shall face the elders, the “men” of her tribe, and her voice shall be heard. Only then I shall break all constraints. Only then I shall attest that my destiny is to be shaped by the one goddess I believe in: Myself….


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