The Haunt

The storm gets harsher blurring my vision. I turn off the engine and close my eyes, when a sudden quiver runs all through me. I continue to shake until I’m drained out of energy…I surrender.

To the sound of deafening screams,
To the smell of fear mixed with blood,
To the past that keeps haunting me, I surrender.

Many years have passed, still not as many enough to heal…

Memoir of a Woman of Tribe

Darkness engulfs the place, and my heart pounds loudly in excitement. I quickly grab the books from my secret hiding place. No time to waste. I read non-stopping, exploiting the few remaining hours I’ve got before the sun rises; before I’m again entrapped within the saturated bubble of taboos that have been dictating my life since birth. Yet, I believe I am different, for I am a woman who does not acquiesce to the inevitable. For I am a woman who believes that through knowledge she shall become the powerful woman she has always aspired to be. For I am a woman who trusts that one day she shall face the elders, the “men” of her tribe, and her voice shall be heard. Only then I shall break all constraints. Only then I shall attest that my destiny is to be shaped by the one goddess I believe in: Myself….